Passive Sensing



Precise measurement of local magnetic fields enables remote target localization and tracking. We exploit atomic physics and miniature electro-optics to deploy sensors on small UAV’s or dispersed platforms.

Surface Contamination

Surface Contamination Detection

Imaging technologies utilizing active laser illumination, passive hyperspectral and UV fluorescence have been developed to detect surface contamination ranging from chemical agents and trace explosives in the environment to residual adhesives at bond lines in manufacturing processes.

Hyperspectral Imagng

Hyperspectral Imaging

PSI’s hyperspectral imaging technology has its origins in the analysis of rocket plume signatures for missile defense. Its use for the standoff detection of chemical vapors and trace explosive residues defines the state of the art in both detection phenomenology as well as spectrally-based target recognition algorithms.

Acoustic and Seismic Sensors

Acoustic and Seismic Sensors

Low-cost unattended ground sensor system technology consisting of a sparse network of seismic/acoustic sensors continually listens to local sounds. Advanced statistical processing algorithms learn the usual local characteristics and recognize abnormal or unusual events in a protected area. Such events activate alerts transmitted wirelessly to site operators. A current application is to provide pipeline operators with real-time warning of right-of-way encroachment and excavation activity near a pipeline.