Standoff Radiation Detection System – Trimodal Imager (SORDS-TMI)


The Standoff Radiation Detection System – Trimodal Imager (SORDS-TMI) was originally developed for the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) by Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems. PSI has performed hardware reliability and algorithm upgrades that have significantly improved SORDS-TMI detection capability from its original configuration. Implementation of PSI’s Poission Clutter Split (PCS) has greatly extended system range while concurrently reducing false alarm rates.

Under DNDO sponsorship PSI is currently working with Raytheon to add orthogonal sensing capability to improve background clutter models. Concurrently PSI is applying techniques developed for its AIRIS hyperspectral chemical imaging system to the SORDS Coded Aperture capability to improve its ability to image radiological sources.

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