Our Products

Passive Sensors

Bioaerosol Early Warning system based on use of available thermal image data in concert with a MAV-borne bioaerosol sampler
Standalone sensor in weatherproof enclosure detects thermal objects with consistent appearance/behavior to a bioaerosol plume and determines a threat probability
Dynamic and flexible infrared scene projection featuring digital micromirror devices (DMDs) for hardware in the loop testing.
The Adaptive Infrared Imaging Spectroradiometer (AIRIS) has been developed for real-time standoff detection of chemical vapors and biological aerosols as well liquids and solids (such as chemical agents and trace explosive residues) on surfaces.
The SCRAM sensor represents a single active node in a networked sensor capability that employs the SIGMA architecture to provide persistent wide-area monitoring of chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals.
Longwave infrared hyperspectral imager employing compressive sensing (CS) based on a single-pixel architecture for low-cost, standoff wide area Early Warning of chemical vapor plumes achieving JSLSCAD performance requirements with a ≤ $50K unit price.