DMD-Based Infrared Scene Projection

Capability Description: Dynamic and flexible infrared scene projection featuring digital micromirror devices (DMDs) for hardware in the loop testing.

2 band MWIR IRSP

Specific capabilities employed independently or in concert:

  • Flickerless scene projection via spatial grayscaling, enabling high frame rate, non-synchronous scene projection,
  • Hybrid foveated scene projection employing a high resolution, steerable region of interest within a wide field of regard,
  • Extremely high dynamic range and contrast via structured illumination,
  • Ultra high apparent temperatures using broadband quantum cascade laser illumination,
  • Dual spectral band MWIR projection by fusing the images projected by two spectrally filtered DMDs,
  • Application of mosaicked DMDs achieving large formats using COTS DMDs,
  • Use of microgratings to force a blazed diffraction condition when using sub-wavelength scale micromirrors enabling use of COTS, large format DMDs,
  • In-house DMD window replacement method and facility enabling operation in the UV, MWIR and LWIR spectral ranges, and
  • Deployment in rugged environmental chambers, enabling operation in cryogenic and high radiation environments.

Projected 2 band MWIR Image

Benefits: Extremely flexible architecture that can be tailored to emerging threats and detection capabilities in ballistic and hypersonic engagement scenarios.

Projected 2 band MWIR Image

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