Compressive Sensing LWIR HSI

Capability Description: Longwave infrared hyperspectral imager employing compressive sensing (CS) based on a single-pixel architecture for low-cost, standoff wide area Early Warning of chemical vapor plumes achieving JSLSCAD performance requirements with a ≤ $50K unit price.

Key features

  • Adigital micromirror device that spatially encodes the field image,
  • A spatial heterodyne spectrometer with a single pixel MCT photodetector that spectrally resolves the spatially integrated image while mitigating background instrument radiance,
  • A CS processing module that reconstructs hyperspectral images where bases are tailored to chemical plume imaging,
  • An ACE-based algorithm that detects chemical plumes in cluttered and dynamic backgrounds

Benefit to Warfighter: Wide area Early Warning of chemical warfare agents with comparable functionality of current LWIR hyperspectral imaging sensors and an order of magnitude cost reduction.


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