Biological Wide-area AeRosol Detector (BioWARD)

Capability Description: Standalone sensor in weatherproof enclosure detects thermal objects with consistent appearance/behavior to a bioaerosol plume and determines a threat probability

  • A physics-based plume model is employed to screen thermal objects of interest.
  • Thermal objects are tracked across the field of regard, building up a history of attributes associated with each object.
  • Threat probability is generated on a per-object history basis, based on appearance, motion, dispersion, elevation, size, etc.
  • Threat-like objects are geolocated via triangulation of two sensors, reported to the user, and overlaid on a satellite map.

Key Features:

  • Employs commercial uncooled thermal and visible imagers and on-board processor,
  • Powered via shore-power or optional solar panel +12V, 200Ah battery
  • Outputs accessible over Ethernet, enabling

    • Direct viewing of video stream over VNC,
    • Integration to existing network, or
    • Use in dedicated network allowing built-in KML server to distribute satellite overlay to an arbitrary number of users.

Benefits: The approach provides wide area persistent surveillance using low cost sensors and informed, physics based models.


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