Bioaerosol Early Warning System


Capability Description: Bioaerosol Early Warning system based on use of available thermal image data in concert with a MAV-borne bioaerosol sampler

Key Features:

  • A Recursive Bayesian Classifier (RBC) module operating on (uncooled) thermal image surveillance streams providing:

    • Persistent wide-area BWA surveillance, and
    • Cueing of BioMAV to an object of interest
  • BioMAV comprised of two Modules:

    Module 1: InstantEye® carrying:
    -An on-board thermal imager used to locate and bound the thermal object, and
    -An aerosol sampler
    Module 2: Ground based bioaerosol analyzer to confirm the threat


  • The approach produced a persistent object track enabling controlled threat sampling from within the plume’s boundaries by BioMAV
  • Application to aerosolized and vapor phase chemicals

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