Passive Sensors

The IDtectorTM is a hand held radiation detection system that implements our DNDO award winning Poisson Clutter Split (PCS) algorithm on the PSI-developed Advanced Processor for Scintillator (APS) board set.
The Adaptive Infrared Imaging Spectroradiometer (AIRIS) has been developed for real-time standoff detection of chemical vapors and biological aerosols as well liquids and solids (such as chemical agents and trace explosive residues) on surfaces.
The Standoff Radiation Detection System – Trimodal Imager (SORDS-TMI) was originally developed for the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) by Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems. PSI has performed hardware reliability and algorithm upgrades that have significantly improved SORDS-TMI detection capability from its original configuration. Implementation of PSI’s Poission Clutter Split (PCS) has greatly extended system range while concurrently reducing false alarm rates.