Spatial Heterodyne Surface Chemical Agent Detector (SHSCAD)


Capability Description: Wide area, high areal coverage rate surface contaminant detection via LWIR reflectance spectroscopy employing eye safe broadband quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) and a high-speed spatial heterodyne spectrometer (SHS) in a handheld sensor package (~ 10,000 cm3, 10 lb) .

Key Features:

  • A broadband QCL array transmitter that provides continuous coverage over 1000-1300 cm-1 used for flying spot illumination,
  • A high throughput SHS snap shot receiver,
  • An automated chemical target detection algorithm employing a variant of subspace (S-)ACE optimized for the discriminant SNR level and operation in a cluttered environment

Benefit to Warfighter: The SHSCAD platform supports force protection capability for FOBs and entry point control


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