InstantEye® is a high-performance, low-cost aerial system that can be hand-launched, flown and hand-recovered by a single person in any weather. Less than one pound, the vehicle can can go from a stowed configuration to airborne in under 30 seconds and provide rapid situational awareness and tactical sensor operation for up to 30 minutes. With a range over 1 kilometer, configurable payloads, and combat system design, InstantEye® is the tactical small unmanned aerial system available today.

The aircraft uses 100% custom control algorithms derived from Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI) biomimetic research of hawk moths in turbulent winds and collisions. InstantEye® offers exceptional stability, position hold, and responsiveness unlike any other UAV in its class. ‘Manual’ mode gives the user total control and speeds up to 55 mph, while ‘Alt’ and ‘GPS’ provide vertical and horizontal position hold and speeds up to 30 mph and vertical climb rates greater than 2000 ft/min.

InstantEye Handheld launch

The compact, robust, and weatherproof Ground Control Station provides a high nit, transreflective daylight readable screen with simple, intuitive on screen information. The InstantEye® standard ISR payload is three compact cameras - forward, angled, downward - for navigation, track, and targeting operations. When looking at ground targets, the center crosshairs provide the GPS location of the view point reticule. Record video directly to the ground station via the DVR and use the BNC video output from the GCS to broadcast the video live to an external source. Optional video distribution is available via Wi-Fi, or cell services.

Further extend your imaging capabilities by affixing an optional GoPro™ HD or FLIR™ thermal camera and streaming the data in real-time to the ground station display. The (included) IR LED illuminator payload shines a flood straight below the vehicle (in line with the standard downward IR sensitive camera) that can illuminate the ground up to 300 feet AGL. InstantEye® supports integration with third party cameras and software for image mosaicking and photo mapping. We are partners with Pix4D mapping software and provide bundled purchasing options.

For more information, please visit the InstantEye® website:

InstantEye kit

InstantEye Control Screen