Meet the Team

PSI’s senior management team has invested their careers in building a world class technology development organization. We started as scientists and continue to do science. That’s our culture.

Bill Marinelli - President and CEO

Bill Marinelli came to PSI from a postdoctoral position at Cornell University after receiving a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. At PSI his research activities ranged from upper atmospheric chemistry and chemical kinetics to spectral imaging technologies supporting chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives defense. As a senior manager he had oversight responsibilities for many of PSI’s efforts in materials development, tactical imaging, energy and propulsion technology, and nuclear detection. In his current role as President and CEO he leads PSI corporate business planning activities while having direct oversight of technology transition within its Applications Division.

Steve Genestreti - Chief Financial Officer

Steve joined PSI in 1990 with a background in high tech manufacturing and an MBA from Babson College. Steve oversees PSI’s financial and administrative management, including Finance and Accounting, HR, Legal, Tax and Treasury functions.

Mark Allen
Mark Allen - Executive Vice President, Optical Systems

Mark joined PSI with a fresh PhD from Stanford in 1987 and began developing programs and products in advanced laser-based sensing. As EVP, Optical Systems, he contributes to and manages activities ranging from discovery science in optical metamaterials to ophthalmology instrumentation production.

Pete Warren
Pete Warren - Executive Vice President, Material Systems

Pete Warren came to Physical Sciences in 2011 after working 13 years at Foster-Miller/Qinetiq in diverse fields ranging from flexible composites to railroad safety to medical devices. Dr. Warren has degrees from both MIT and the University of Colorado, all in Aerospace Engineering. At PSI, Pete leads the Materials Division which includes advanced technologies for rocket propulsion, novel manufacturing methods, advanced material coatings, high temperature composites, antennas, and unfolding structures.

Corporate Organization

Our corporate organization is designed to efficiently harness the capabilities of the entire corporation, including subsidiaries, in addressing the complex, multi-disciplinary problems of our customers. Within PSI, vibrant technology areas are headed by the scientists and engineers that built them. We have a broad base of core competencies and combine them across the organizational charts to develop solutions.

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