Chemical and Biological Sensing

Our world class capability in chemical and biological sensing technology is derived from a broad background in the physical mechanisms that lead to uniquely exploitable signatures, a strong knowledge of lasers, detectors, and optics that enables the capture of those signatures, as well as a foundation in applied mathematics and signal processing that enables the extraction of those signatures in highly cluttered environments.

PSI’s “laboratory to the field” approach to sensor development has led to the introduction of a range of sensor technologies. They include the Adaptive Infrared Imaging Spectroradiometer (AIRIS) with application to a range of standoff vapor, aerosol, and surface chemical and biological agent detection problems.

Algorithm capability and applications knowledge has led to the development of active systems for the detection of surface chemical detection employing quantum cascade lasers as well as biological aerosol trigger detectors based on spark induced breakdown spectroscopy. PSI’s C/B detection modalities are now being adapted to deployment on our Instant Eye UAV platform for sensitive site exploitation and combat outpost protection.

Chem Sensing

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