Insensitive Munitions

The sensitivity of munitions to unplanned thermal and impact stimuli affect their reliability to fulfill their performance, readiness and operational requirements on demand. We develop new and innovative insensitive munition (IM) solutions that minimize the violence of reaction and subsequent collateral damage of solid rocket motors. Our capabilities focus on inventing solutions for designing munitions with emphasis on the rocket motor and propellant system to meet IM requirements while maintaining or augmenting system performance.

The “Multi-Functional IM Compliant Composite Case” for solid rocket motor is one example of our success towards transitioning this capability to the warfighter. This technology relies on a unique passive case design that controllable fractures open, removing the pressure vessel confinement, before or upon propellant ignition during slow cookoff, bullet impact, and fragment impact. The TRL has continued to increase through SBIR and non-SBIR DoD funding that is targeting a wide range of munitions systems.

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