Recent Patents Issued to PSI

Feb 16, 2016

To date, PSI inventors have submitted over 400 IDs resulting in over 100 patents that provide a competitive advantage for spin-out companies or are commercialized by licensing.

As evident in our name, Physical Sciences Inc., PSI is a technologically diverse small business working in virtually all areas of the physical sciences. At the appropriate stage of technology development, PSI transitions its technological innovations to government, aerospace and commercial clients. PSI's talented staff of scientists and engineers conceive new ideas and validate their workability with well-defined experiments and demonstrations. For those ideas with significant business potential, PSI inventors prepare an Invention Disclosure (ID) for review by PSI's Intellectual Property board. Below is a list of PSI patents issued in 2015:

• 9,108,370 Microgravity fabrication and metalization of large, lightweight polymeric bubbles and films for space system applications
• 9,095,808 Electrolytic system and method for filtering an aqueous particulate suspension
• 9,088,048 Silicon whisker and carbon nanofiber composite anode
• 9,036,676 Catalytic generation of metastable singlet oxygen
• 9,006,147 Electrochemical system and method for electropolishing superconductive radio frequency cavities
• 8,980,158 Near field electrospinning system for continuous, aligned fiber tows
• 8,968,688 Recovery of rare earth elements and compounds from coal ash
• 8,962,888 Forming spherical crystal habit

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Novel Antimicrobial Chemical Surface Treatment Technology for Fabrics

PSI-QAC technology provides high anti-microbial efficacy against a broad range of gram positive and gram negative bacteria, as well as fungi. Fabrics treated with the unique dendrimer chemistry are highly biocompatible and meet or exceed the performance of silver based treatments for first cycle use and exceed their performance after laundering. The long lasting antimicrobial efficacy has been proven for multiple textiles. Visit to learn more about how this environmentally sustainable low cost antimicrobial technology can expand your textile sales into military, fitness and performance apparel markets.


JANNAF Award for Best Technical Paper

The Exhaust Plume and Signatures Subcommittee (EPSS), Joint Army-Navy-NASA-Air Force (JANNAF) Interagency Propulsion Committee presented PSI's team leader, Dr. Allan Dokhan, with a JANNAF EPSS Best Paper Award. This award is presented in recognition of the outstanding technical paper entitled "Experimental and Modeling Investigation of Particle Interaction in Solid Rocket Motor Plumes," by A. Dokhan, J.L. Wegener, R. De La Cuetara, L.A. Vernarelli, J.L. Sabourin, and W.J. Marinelli - Physical Sciences Inc.; A. Dang and D. Coats - Software and Engineering Associates, Inc. The paper was presented at the December 2014 34th Exhaust Plume and Signatures Joint Subcommittee Meeting.

Allan Dokhan

The JANNAF Interagency Propulsion Committee serves to promote and facilitate the exchange of technical information; to establish guides, procedures, and standards; to affect interagency coordination of research, exploratory development, advanced development, and engineering; for space access vehicles, missile, and gun propulsion. Through these efforts, JANNAF has made many valuable contributions to the US missile, space and gun propulsion programs.

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Contract News

PSI recently received the following research contracts:

"Ultra-Bright Single Photon Source" from the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory

"Multimodal Optical Probe for Intraocular Visualization and Surgery Guidance" from the US Army Medical Research and Material Command

"PSI's Dual Optical Comb LWIR Source and Sensor" from the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency

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