PSI Annual Technical Achievement Awards

Nov 19, 2015

In this newsletter we present our 2015 Achievement Awards recognizing significant accomplishments by our staff this past year. These awards benefit from both our extensive laboratory facilities and our company's unique interactive technical review process. With hundreds of ongoing projects, the selection process is always difficult, and these awards recognize only a small fraction of the many significant accomplishments by our talented staff. This year the awards recognize a novel detection system and a new design enabling affordable advanced retinal imaging.

B. David Green, President and CEO, recently presented the 2015 PSI Annual Technical Achievement Awards in recognition of some of the company's most notable technical
accomplishments during the past year. These awards recognize the dedicated efforts of many.

IDtector Handheld Radiation Detection System

Daisei Konno, Senior Project Specialist; Vitaliy Ziskin, Principal Scientist; Kirill Shokhirev, Principal Scientist; and Tom Schmit, Senior Scientist received Technical Achievement Awards for their successful development, demonstration and testing of the IDtector Handheld Radiation Detection System.


IDtector integrates PSI's award winning Poisson Clutter Split (PCS) algorithm onto a compact and low-power single board computer to provide analysis and communica tion functionality between the handheld detector and a smartphone. The smartphone provides user interface along with visual and audible threat alarms. IDtector is currently the only Radiation/Nuclear detection system capable of providing rapid (1Hz) isotopic species identification and source direction determination. The PSI team led a successful test of the IDtector system at the Center of Asymmetric Warfare, Trident Spectre 2015 where they demonstrated the ability to detect, identify and locate hidden sources with a high (95%) probability of detection and identification of 1 mCi sources observed from 17m standoff with a low false alarm rate, and 10 degree accuracy in vector to the source - meeting all program technical objectives.

IDtector prototypes have been successfully delivered to our Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) customer, and have been showcased on Capitol Hill and in the United Kingdom. The system will be incorporated in test trials in the United Kingdom for evaluation against other commercial off-the-shelf handheld devices. IDtector provides an entry for PSI technology in the R/N detection market and will continue to be used to generate additional interest from commercial entities for possible licensing of this capability.

Low Cost Line Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopic Imager

Daniel Ferguson, Principal Research Scientist; Gopi Maguluri, Principal Scientist; Nick Iftimia, Area Manager, Biomedical Optics Technology; and Patrick O'Grady, Senior Project Specialist were presented with Technical Achievement Awards for their development of a low cost Line Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopic Imager.


PSI's reputation as a developer of novel ophthalmic imaging instrumentation has led to many inquiries by commercial companies for the development of custom instrumentation targeted at clinical applications. Last year a start-up company approached PSI requesting the development of a low cost OCT-based Ophthalmic Imager for application in developing nations. A Line Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope (LSLO)/Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography (SDOCT) imager configuration was defined in a Joint Development Agreement between PSI and the company. The challenge was the partner's desire for PSI to develop and deliver the instrument in less than 6 months.

The team leveraged PSI intellectual property to develop a compact imaging platform that met the needs of the partner within this demanding timeline. The project required not only an understanding of the imaging needs for the application, but the clear path to embody that performance within a very short period of time, with a design for manufacturing, robust user software, and a full documentation package that would enable our partner to pursue the low-cost manufacturing necessary to serve the developing world market. The efforts culminated in a successful 2-day Factory Acceptance Test at PSI. This program provides an excellent demonstration of how PSI is leveraging intellectual property developed under National Institutes of Health (NIH) support to permit application of the technology to the commercial marketplace for clinical applications. The dedicated work by this team will lead to a much wider availability of the advanced technology at affordable prices in developing countries around the world.

The team is commended for their hard work, innovative design, and their commitment to early completion of this challenging development program. This effort provides both a base of experience and a model to guide us in future commercial interactions. It is a wonderful example of leveraging government funded R&D to address commercial applications.

Contract News

PSI recently received the following research contracts:

"Whole Eye Biometry System" from the National Institutes of Health, National Eye Institute

"Construction of High Energy Batteries" from the Department of Energy

"Real Time Droplet Detection System for Low Volume Liquid Dispensers" from the National Institutes of Health.

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