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General Contact

For general inquiries regarding PSI products and services, please use the address below.
Physical Sciences Inc.
20 New England Business Center
Andover, MA 01810-1077

(978) 689-0003; Fax:  (978) 689-3232

PSI Corporate Officers

President and CEO

William Marinelli

PSI Business Areas
Detection Systems
Bogdan Cosofret 

EVP Material Systems

Peter Warren

Tactical Systems

Julia Dupuis
EVP Optical Systems
Mark Allen 

Applied Optics

William Kessler 

Joel Hensley  

Energy Technologies/Imperia

Chris Lang
PSI Pleasanton, CA Operations  
PSI: Pleasanton Doug Bamford 
Research Support Instruments  
RSI: Lanham Operations Jemma Kline 
Q-Peak Eric Park 
Faraday Technology  
Faraday Technology Maria Inman