Methane and Natural Gas Leak Detection

PSI research and development impacts the world in many ways. A significant example is safeguarding the worldwide natural gas distribution systems. This not only ensures the public safety, but also reduces a potent greenhouse gas contributor to global climate change.

The Remote Methane Leak Detector (RMLD™), manufactured by Heath Consultants, is the leading laser sensor used worldwide for natural gas leak surveying. RMLD™ is recognized as a transformative technology in the natural gas and laser-based gas sensing industries. PSI began RMLD™ development in 1999, initially funded by EPA Phase I and Phase II SBIRs. Collaboration with Heath began with EPA Phase II design and testing, and continued to commercialization with subsequent funding by DoE and private sources including Heath, PSI, and industry participants (the NYSEARCH members of the Northeast Gas Association, PSE&G and SoCal). PSI produced Beta prototypes to develop and perfect manufacturing procedures and documentation. PSI transferred the technology to Heath for production, marketing, sales, and service. PSI exclusively licensed the RMLD™ technology to Heath in 2003, and renewed the license for another ten years in 2013. Heath released RMLD™ commercially in 2005 and has since sold over 3000 units worldwide. The product team received a 2005 R&D 100 Award, and was noted as a 2006 EPA SBIR Success Story.

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