Our People

Our Peopla A

Process Analytical Technology-Enabled Lyophilizer Testing
PSI Andover Laboratory Facility

"PSI offers the freedom to fulfill your aspirations. I value the vibrant research environment where outstanding scientists from a wide range of disciplines have the opportunity to share ideas, views, visions, techniques and know-how, across different fields to develop very innovative solutions and technologies."

Our People B

Sensor Flight Testing
Redstone Technical Test Center, Huntsville, AL

"I never have to think about what I want to be when I grow up.....working at PSI gives me the ability to reinvent myself every couple of years by being on the leading edge of technology."

Our People C

Remote Methane Leak Detector - UAV
Metec Location, Ft. Collins, CO

“You get to be the PI and program manager on government contracts. You get to meet your sponsors and talk to them directly. You get to craft your own little area of applied R&D. If you don't want to work on a program, then don't. Period. Flexible time. You get to work from home. You get to work with the smartest people in the world. Your peers or managers do not feel insecure since they know that they are as good as you.”

Our People D

FA-18 Engine Inlet Mass Flow Sensor
Ground Testing - Edwards AFB, CA

"I am really impressed with the equipment and resources at PSI. PSI has laboratory equipment such as optical tables, lasers, power meters, oscilloscopes and electronics, scanning electron microscopes, and a machine room to name a few. Other small companies lack such resources making it particularly difficult to win proposals and to conduct experiments. Having a job that allows me to make measurements is really rewarding."

training soldiers

Training soldiers on the InstantEye UAV