Open Positions

Fiber Laser Physicist/Engineer

Q-Peak - Boston, MA

Q-Peak seeks an experienced fiber laser scientist/engineer to work in the areas of fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers, and complex multi-spectral active fiber architectures. Theoretical modeling as well as extensive laboratory experience should cover fiber lasers, non-linear processes in fibers, modal propagation, and experience with high power systems (up to 1 kW and above). Our programs are diverse in requirements (spectrum, material systems, and power levels). Ability to work self-directed and as part of a multi-disciplinary team will be necessary.

Fused Fiber Coupler Physicist/Engineer

Q-Peak - Boston, MA

Q-Peak seeks an experienced Fiber Coupler scientist engineer to lead an active and ongoing program in fused fiber coupler development and engineering. Multi-fiber power couplers, mode-matchers, dissimilar fiber couplers, splices, and other architectures in both passive and active fibers are needed to support development of high power fiber lasers. We are also actively engaged in the development of technically diverse and complex fiber architectures/systems for multi-spectral sources.

Structural Materials Scientist/Engineer

PSI - Boston, MA

Physical Sciences Inc., located just north of Boston in Andover, is looking for a person with a record of technical leadership in the area of advanced structural materials and composites to initiate new research programs while being a strong contributor to existing programs. A successful candidate must be able to work within a multi-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers, have high written and spoken English language proficiency, and have excellent analytical skills.