Life At PSI

Take a closer look at life at PSI:

Career Advancement

At PSI you will work with some of the smartest people in the country, with expertise in a very wide range of disciplines, who are excited about the challenges of their work and the benefit it provides to the nation.

You will have a great deal of freedom to pursue research in a broad range of technical areas on important problems for government and industry. Your efforts will be backed by an organization with the facilities and support personnel to achieve your objectives.

You will have access to corporate leadership operating in the fully transparent environment you would expect of an employee owned company.

Your professional reputation and career growth will be enhanced through your participation in conferences, customer presentations, journal publications, and patents. PSI’s internal research and proposal review process will facilitate your transition from technical performer to technical leader while enabling you to interact with government and commercial funding organizations.

You will have the flexibility to manage your work and personal life in a manner that respects your commitments to both your family and your coworkers. The Boston area is one of the best areas to live in the US with one of the largest concentrations of colleges and universities in the world, local school systems that rank amongst the highest performing in the country, championship caliber professional sports teams, and easy access to beaches, mountains, and cultural activities.


PSI is owned entirely by an Employee Stock Ownership Trust operated as a retirement benefit for its employees. As an employee you will receive shares in the trust, subject to vesting, as part of PSI’s retirement contribution to its employees. No contribution by the employee is required.

The value of PSI’s stock is determined annually by an independent firm using widely accepted performance metrics to assess the financial status of PSI relative to the performance of similar publicly traded companies. In this manner an employee may directly benefit from the successful performance of the company. You may realize the value of the stock at retirement or via transfer to another qualified retirement plan if you leave the company prior to retirement, subject to a divestiture schedule