Our Capabilities


We combine scientific and engineering skills with knowledge of industrial sensor requirements to design and engineer robust sensors for simple and reliable operation in demanding environments. We build one-of-a-kind custom sensor units and sensors intended for limited production, and we complete pilot production of sensors intended for volume manufacturing.

Four PSI laboratories support capabilities related to integrated optics and include a wide variety of laser, optical, and electronic test equipment from the UV through to the Far-IR.

PSI’s vertically integrated knowledge of physical, organic, and inorganic chemistry, when coupled to our knowledge of optical and nuclear physics and spectroscopy, provides a unique capability for CBRNE sensor development.

Extensive laser, optics, electronics, and sample handling capabilities support biomedical optics development in multiple laboratories. In particular, a wide range of mode-locked lasers and associated test equipment across the visible and near-IR spectral ranges support OCT-related programs.